An apple with red flesh?! It exists and it is named Kissabel! The IFORED Consortium, which unites some of the leading apple producers in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Oceania, created the Kissabel brand to distinguish these apples, which are characterized by a pigmented pulp that ranges from pink to intense red. 

The goal of this ambitious communication project entrusted to fruitecom is to launch a never-before-seen range of apples in multiple continents. Since our first contact with IFORED, we have been united by great enthusiasm for this colourful apple. During the first year we supported the presentation of its varieties to the trade media, followed by the worldwide launch of the Kissabel brand. We have developed a communication plan that combines a solid overview with detailed planning of the various activities: two press conferences in Madrid, a PR activity on specialized media, the production of promotional materials and the creation of newsletters, generating new conversations about Kissabel and the new red-flesh apples.

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